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The Adult Education and Economical Growth Action (AEEGA) changed the Staff Investment Act (WIA) to encourage the utilization and availability of career paths for low-skilled adults, focus on postsecondary education, career accomplishment and help students meet the needs of modern world jobs. The Workforce Purchase Act of 2012 (" H. L. 4227”) modernizes and improves the adult education system to better meet the longer-term, postsecondary, and employment requires of learners. Bridge applications are a good way to encourage career pathways intended for low-skilled adults. Programs like the Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training Program link mature basic education with adult secondary education and community college occupational programs. Focus on postsecondary education instead of just having a GED is occurring through included education and training, and concurrent enrollment, which will help students to progress more quickly by simply allowing them to gain credits in both simple skills courses and postsecondary level classes. The Co Community University System commissioned a project referred to as CO SUNSHINE that proved helpful to promote the successful transition of out-of-school youth to community schools. This program helped learners gain higher ratings on CONSUNZIONE reading and math checks, and become better prepared intended for postsecondary education. At the conclusion in the program, forty-nine of 61 students enrolled in college-level community college courses. Adult education provides opportunity for career success in the 21st century simply by establishing a fresh title, modern world Technology and Skills intended for Adult Students. This new subject includes funding to expand access to adult education by using technology and assist college students in growing technology literacy.


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