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Accounting involves examination of an organization's accounts and financial trends to supply data to advise those in business for making accurate decisions and predictions based on our economy. Accountants keep up with the financial data and record transactions of businesses, corporations and non-profit agencies, as well as governmental units. Basic level Positions • • • • • • • Staff documentalist Auditor/accountant Corporate accountant Insurance broker Governmental accountant Financial expert Tax consultant Further Education/Experience Required • • • • • • • Certified public accountant Financial consultant Managerial consultant Monetary manager Control mechanism Accounting educator Treasurer

To learn more on positions in accounting please consider Improving Employability Be involved in internships and join relevant student businesses and organizations to develop social networking and leadership skills. Develop advanced computer system skills and mathematical and problem solving skills, excellent laptop skills as well as the ability to work nicely with people. Companies of Accounting Majors • • • • • Accounting firms Business and industry Banks/Credit Unions Insurance companies Private practice • • • • • Inventory Brokerage Firms Investment Companies State/federal govt Colleges/universities Non-profit organizations

Professional Associations and Affiliations Accounting. com American Company of Accredited Public Accountants American Society of ladies Accountants Careers in operation Commence of Administration Accountants Consulting Accountant general Economic Women Worldwide Nationwide Society of Accountants National Association of Black Accountants Institute of Internal Auditors

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