Amadou Diallo Essay

Amadou Diallo A Case of Racial Profiling

On the nights February next 1999 something shocked the earth and nothing could be the same. Amadou Diallo, an unarmed and innocent African immigrant was shot to death. 41 bullets acclaimed upon poor people man simply by police officers. Outside of his home Nyc Police Departments Crime Product killed him. Half of the law enforcement officers said to place his hands up plus the other half believed to show IDENTITY. Not knowing what direction to go Amadou chose to take out his wallet. Law enforcement thought he previously a gun and opened open fire. This case was so debatable and the globe was divided onto two sides. We all know that Diallo didn't ought to have this and it was an instance of ethnic profiling. The storyplot of Amadou Diallo wonderful murder is a perfect example of racial profiling. There are such a large number of cases exactly where police depending on a person's colour of skin made stops and arrest. In the evening police would look for a dark-colored skinned rapist and the officers suspects Diallo to be that man because he was dark skinned. After it was identified that all law enforcement officers were white guys. They thought that as a result of Amadou's black skin, he was a legal and the one they were trying to find. Even though the authorities made an error they were free to go. The four cops that were in charge of this misfortune were found not guilty of all expenses. During the courtroom case the defense asserted that the shooting was validated. The stated the police representatives believed Mister. Diallo was grabbing a gun. During a lot of the case the lawyers laid the blame for the victim. Someone said how having been not obeying orders through the cops. The jury was 1 black woman and eight white people. It seems like weird the fact that officers did not get penalized for their blunders. Racial Profiling can never be ignored; it is as though all blacks will be appeared down upon. There has been a lot of cases were arrests have already been made based upon someone's complexion. Amadou Diallo an faithful man gunned down when he had carried out nothing wrong....

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