America, A Christian Region? Essay

America, A Christian Nation...?

Summary of Religion


Apr 24, 2012

It has been said before that the United States is regarded as a Christian nation. Many citizens truly believe that this, while other firmly oppose this belief. Contrary to what authorities imply, a Christian nation is not one in which almost all citizens will be Christians, the laws require everyone to stick to Christian theology, or almost all leaders will be Christians. America is a Christian nation only in the sense that the majority of its human population happens to be Christian. But however, religious old fashioned use this truth as a reason to try and enforce their spiritual beliefs and social schedule on the remaining portion of the nation. America today is a highly varied nation in terms of religion. These days there are religions such as Legislation, Buddhist, Muslim, and Hindu, as well as Atheist and Variable. If America was essentially a Christian nation, then none of the other beliefs would be used.

A survey done by the Pew Community forum on Religious beliefs & Public Life depth statistics upon religion in the us. Among the thirty five, 000 adults surveyed, age groups 18 or perhaps older, 80. 4% regarded as their selves to be Christian. Christian, which means either Simple, Catholic, Mormon, Jehovah's See, Orthodox, or perhaps other Christians. 4. 7% are considered other religions, such as Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, other community religions, and also other faiths. These to be considered Atheist, Hesitant, or practically nothing in particular were about of sixteen. 1%. Only an unimportant 0. 8% didn't understand or rejected a religion. A large number of key conclusions were discovered based on these surveys. Much more than ¼ of American adults (28%) left the faith through which they were increased in favor of one more religion- or no religion. The survey does confirm that the us is becoming a minority Simple country (51%). But one more why the survey may be wrong is really because the United States provides the theory of separation of church and state that can be enforced in the country.

The United...

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