Apush Notes 2 Research Paper

The 800 pound gorilla

*The most important contribution to the development of

such an economic climate was the railroad.

-The first one came out in 1828.

- fast, reliable, less costly than pathways to construct + was season rounded ( did not deep freeze during winter)

- by 1860, railroads tracks totaled 30, 1000 miles; 3/4 in the north


- Railroads were to start with opposed because of safety flaws and they took away money through the Erie Apretado investors.

-- flying sets off of fire, weak brakes, differences in distances between each rail stops


-- improvement of brakes, gauges, safety gadgets ( simply by 1859 )

- songs were bordered together with brackets of flat iron and metallic

WHY IS THIS SIGNIFICANT?: manufactured transportation and

interaction more efficent; people were capable of travel

from the east to west with more convenience

Cables, Clippers, and Horse Riders


- the creation of cables, which are telegraphs,

that produced in 1858 by Cyrus Field developed better

communication among people

from the north atlantic seas to ireland;

series went lifeless after 15 days

- a permanent cable put in 1866; relating

the european and american continents

- In the 1840s and 1850s, Yankee maltaise yards, such as

Jesse McKay's @ Boston, began to produce fresh crafts called clipper delivers. These long, narrow boats sacrificed freight room for speed

and could actually transport small amounts of goods in other words amounts of period. These delivers faded apart after vapor boats were made better and able to carry more items and, therefore, become more lucrative.

-The Pony Express began in 1860 to carry snail mail from St . Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, California.

The mail services collapsed following 18 months because of lack of revenue.


creation of cables: communication improvement;

linking the european countries + the americas =

better trade interactions and communication

Clipper Ships: created a faster approach to ship = bigger demand of goods...


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