Attributes of a major Thinker Dissertation

Attributes of a Critical thinker

• asks relevant questionsВ

• assesses claims and argumentsВ

• can admit a lack of understanding or information • has a feeling of curiosityВ

• is interested in finding new solutionsВ

• is able to obviously define some criteria intended for analyzing concepts • is definitely willing to look at beliefs, assumptions, and views and ponder them against facts • listens thoroughly to others and it is able to offer feedback • sees that critical considering is a ongoing process of self-assessment • suspends judgment until all specifics have been obtained and considered • actively seeks evidence to aid assumption and beliefs • is able to change opinions when ever new facts are found • looks for proofВ

• investigates problems carefully

• can reject details that is completely wrong or irrelevantВ Ferrett, T. Peak Performance (1997). В

• Annotating: Primary to each of such strategies can be annotating upon the page: underlining key phrases, phrases, or perhaps sentences; composing comments or questions inside the margins; bracketing important sections of the text; building ideas with lines or arrows; numbering related details in sequence; and making take note of something that strikes you as interesting, important, or questionable. В o Most readers annotate in levels, adding further annotations on second and third blood pressure measurements. o Annotations can be light or hefty, depending on the reader's purpose plus the difficulty in the material. В

• Previewing: Understanding a textual content before genuinely reading this. Previewing permits readers to obtain a sense of what the text is about and exactly how it is arranged before examining it closely. This simple strategy contains seeing what you can study from the headnotes or additional introductory materials, skimming to get an understanding of the content material and organization, and identifying the rhetorical situation.

• Contextualizing: Placing a text in its...


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