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Becca's Tale by David D. Forman The Plan: Throughout the account there were many incidents of suspense that revealed the characters. One incident of suspense was when the Confederate army was fighting the Union military at the fight of Gettysburg. Their were brigades over the woods to support the opposing army off. Alex and Charlie may do nothing but watch since it was this sort of a vision. The others had been advancing towards boys and they were quietly praying to themselves that they would stop before that they reached them. They don't stop nevertheless and the boys had to impose. They were reloading, shooting, tearing cartridges with the teeth, and sheltering. The complete time these people were being terminated at and dodging the fireplace. By this time Colonel Steele was yelling pertaining to his men to follow him. Alex and Charlie lost each other at this point even though they will promised Becca they would stick together. Alex ran about frantically trying to find Charlie and screaming to him. He then got hit in the same wound that was struck in a previous battle. This individual passed away thinking of Charlie and their assure to Becca. He set on the ground looking forward to someone to recognize he was nonetheless alive. Although Charlie was not found and reported absent in action.

The Characterization: Becca's Story was centered around three main personas. From 1859, when the tale began, to 1866, if the story finished, Becca had written mainly about these people.

Rebecca Frazer Case- when the book commenced she was fourteen years of age. She got two boyfriends, Charlie and Alex, in which age these were all the girl really had to worry about. Although things changed when the Civil war started. Before the war all the lady worried about was which son would have her towards the dance. The lady was a correct young lady and dreamed of heading back east to Brooklyn, her native property.

Charlie Gregory - He was one of Becca's boyfriends. At the start of the tale he was seventeen years old. At the beginning of the history he was lit up by junior, curiosity, and the possibility of...


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