Behavioral Hypotheses Essay

Behavioral Theories

Behavioral Theories of Leadership

Ideas proposing that specific actions

differentiate market leaders from nonleaders.

•• Trait






delivered, not



•• Behavioral









Ohio State Studies

Initiating Framework

The degree to which a leader

is likely to establish and

framework his or her function and

those of sub-ordinates inside the

search for goal attainment.


The magnitude to which a leader is likely to include

job interactions characterized by mutual

trust, respect for subordinate's ideas, and

regard for feelings.

University or college of The state of michigan Studies

Employee-Oriented Leader

Putting an emphasis on interpersonal contact; taking a

interest in the demands of staff

and acknowledging individual variations among


Production-Oriented Leader

One who focuses on

technical or perhaps task aspects of

the job.

Behavioral Theories

1 ) How are behavioral theories of leadership

basically different from feature theories?

Attributes imply the existence of qualities that are

inherent in an individual. Appropriately, it is

assumed that features would necessarily

manifest themselves in tendencies too. Nevertheless , it

is cognitively impossible to bring out your right

top quality on a given occasion. Consequently , behavioral

ideas make this work simple by simply explaining

command in terms of easy and simple

classification of desirable behaviors.

Behavioral Hypotheses

2 . Can leaders learn?

Trait research provides a basis for selecting the

right people pertaining to leadership. In contrast,

behavioral ideas of management implied we all

could teach people to always be leaders.

Behavioral Theories

3. What are the central tenets of behavioral theories of


Beginning with more than a 1, 000 dimensions, the

studies simplified the list to two that significantly

accounted for the majority of the leadership patterns described

by simply employees: starting structure and consideration.

(R. M. Stogdill and A. E. Coons (eds. ) Leader Behavior: Its Explanation and Dimension, Research Monograph no . 88 (Columbus: Ohio State College or university, Bureau of Busines Exploration, 1951).

Behavioral Theories

4. Initiating structure

Initiating structure is the level to which an innovator is

very likely to define and structure their role and

those of staff in the hunt for goal

attainment. It includes patterns that tries to

coordinate work, job relationships, and goals. A

leader loaded with initiating structure is somebody who

" assigns group people to particular tasks, ”

" expects workers to keep up definite criteria of

performance, " and " focuses on the getting together with of

deadlines. ”

Behavioral Theories

5. Consideration

Concern is the level to which someone�s job

human relationships are seen as a mutual trust, respect

intended for employees' concepts, and view for their feelings. A

head high in thought helps employees with

personal problems, is friendly and approachable, goodies

all staff as means, and expresses appreciation and

support. Within a recent survey, when asked to indicate what

most motivated them at the office, 66 percent of staff

mentioned gratitude.

(D. Akst, " The Rewards and Recognizing a Job Well Done, ” The Wsj (January thirty-one, 2007), p. D9.

Behavioral Theories

6th. Michigan Group Studies

The Michigan group also came up with two

behavioral dimensions: the employee-oriented

head emphasized interpersonal relationships by

taking a personal interest in the needs of

employees and taking individual dissimilarities

among them, plus the production-oriented head

emphasized the technical or perhaps task aspects of the

job, focusing on achieving the group's tasks.

(Judge, Piccolo, and Ilies, " The Forgotten Ones? ”

Behavioral Ideas

7. Summary of Attribute Theories and Behavioral Ideas

Leaders who have certain qualities and who also...


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