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PART 8 CONCERNS FOR WRITING AND CONVERSATION 1 . Costs are the quantitative expressions of plans. Costs are used to translate the goals and tricks of an organization into operational terms. 2 . Control is the means of setting requirements, receiving feedback on actual performance, and taking further action whenever actual overall performance deviates by planned overall performance. Budgets are standards, and perhaps they are compared with actual costs and revenues to provide feedback. several. The planning and control features of spending budget can benefit almost all organizations no matter size. Most organizations have to determine what their very own goals will be and how far better to attain those goals. This can be the planning function of budgeting. In addition , organizations can review what basically happens using what was organized to see if the plans are unfolding since anticipated. This can be a control function of cost management. 4. Cost management forces managers to strategy, provides source information for decision making, sets benchmarks pertaining to control and evaluation, and improves the functions of communication and coordination. your five. A master budget may be the collection of most individual location and activity budgets. Working budgets are worried with the incomegenerating activities of a firm. Financial budgets are involved with the inflows and outflows of cash and with prepared capital costs. 6. The sales forecast is a critical input for building the sales budget. However , not necessarily necessarily corresponding to the sales budget. Upon receiving the revenue forecast, management may determine that the organization can do better than the outlook indicates. Therefore, actions could possibly be taken to raise the sales likelihood of the coming year (e. g., elevating advertising). This kind of adjusted outlook then turns into the revenue budget. six. Yes. Every budgets will be founded on the sales finances. Before a production budget can be created, it must have planned product sales. The production budgets, in turn, depend on the production budget. A similar is true for the monetary budgets as sales can be described as critical input for financial constraints in that category. 8. For the merchandising company, the production finances is changed by a items purchases budget. Merchandising firms also lack direct materials and immediate labor budgets. All other costs are fundamentally the same. To get a service organization (for-profit), the sales spending budget doubles as the production finances, and there is not any finished merchandise inventory price range. The rest of the finances have equivalent. 9. A static finances is for a particular level of activity. A flexible budget is one that can be established for any standard of activity. To get performance credit reporting, it is necessary to review the actual costs for using the level of activity with the budgeted costs for the actual standard of activity. A flexible budget provides the means to compute the budgeted costs for the actual standard of activity, after the fact.

twelve. A flexible finances is based on a straightforward for- mula: Y sama dengan F + VX, which in turn requires knowledge of both fixed and varying components. 10. Goal convenance is important since it means that the employees of an firm are working toward the desired goals of that corporation. 12. Recurrent feedback is important so that further action may be taken, raising the likelihood of achieving budget. 13. Both financial and nonmonetary incentives prefer encourage employees of an business to achieve the organization's goals. Budgetary incentives appeal to the monetary needs of the individual, and non- monetary incentives charm to the psycho- logical demands. Since persons are motivated simply by both economic and mental factors, both equally types of incentives must be present in a fantastic budgetary system.


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