Case Examination Essay

Ana Case Study Analysis

Written By: Marcella Fullilove

Grand Canyon College or university: PCN 500 Counseling Theories


Instructor: Doctor Cheryl Fisher

The use of a example analysis can assist a student or perhaps group apply the best theory to an individual's problems or perhaps issues. The green team will certainly face the challenges because therapist to provide the necessary problem solver skills that will be suitable for this case study. Choix is the adult female in cases like this study that is face based on a types of problems or issues. Saving money team will analyze the data, apply finest theory, and supply results that is to be appropriate for Ana's major causes. As there can be no incorrect or right answer, it's the work of big minds that could come together and give clear understanding to illustrate a good reasoning and realistic case study. The Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), Intellectual Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and the ABC unit would be ideal applied to the truth study. The different techniques utilized by Dr . Albert Ellis is well know for the effectiveness for treatment of anxiety and depression (Ankrom, 2009). The green team is convinced Ana's significant stressors shown on her incapability to function daily as a wife, mother, and individual, therefore leaving Ana's stressors to get more obvious. Our group believes the fact that Rational Emotive Behavior Remedy (REBT) can be best applied to the case analyze. Ana shows dysfunction in each of the areas that a REBT therapist assumes should generate a person happy in their lives. Someplace the goals that she has set in place pertaining to herself was not achieved, which is one reason that her life is conflicted. Her values are in an irrational stage. Ana should work on removing those reasonless thoughts that she is having to deal with her fact all alone. The girl seems to be looking to carry the pounds of the world on her shoulders. This wounderful woman has not asked her friends and family or good friends for help, which will relieve a few of...


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