CEIS100 W5 ILab Statement Essay

Laboratory Report Cover Sheet

DeVry University

College of Engineering and Information Savoir

Course Quantity: CEIS100

Professor: D. Morabito

Laboratory Amount:

Clinical Title: Making a Program Employing Python

Submittal Date:

1 . Aims:

The objective was to create a system using python. The program will need to successfully question the user to type his or her term. Then request the user to enter into his or her era. If they are over the age of 16 then they can drive a car. Display this message along with their name. Then end the program simply by stating you name, and that it is great to meet these people.

Code—copy and paste (or type) your code listed below. You can also post a screenshot of the software working if you wish.

print(" Everyone should be open to the become familiar with your program" )

identity = input(" What is your name? " )

age group = int(input(" What is your era? " ))

if age> =16:

print(" You can drive a car! " )


print(" Wonderful to meet you" )

Portion B.

print(" Welcome towards the get to know your program component b" )

name = input(" What is your name? " )

city = input(" What city will you live in? " )

temperature = float(input(" What is the temperature outside? " )) if temperature> =61:

print(" It is nice where you live. " )


print(" Nice to meet you! " )


In summary the code I joined was powerful. I did not anticipate coding to become based even more off the individual language just as much as it is. However the smallest oversight can create a regarding trouble the moment writing code. I i am still unsure if I just like the IDLE device or certainly not. So far notepad++ is my personal choice pertaining to writing code with the python shell. Coding can be a lengthy procedure but as lengthy as you can remember the language and terminology such as format, method, variables, indices and slices etc… it appears to be much easier.


Anthony Tessensohn


Anthony P. Tess





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