Essay upon Checkpoint3

CheckPoint: Deciding Diagnosis Code Categories

• Resource: pp. 130–135 of Medical Insurance

• Write a response in which you determine a diagnosis code category pertaining to the following case studies, and explain the rationale for your choices:

o A 68-year-old male presents to the office stressing of obvious weakness around the right side of his body and slurred speech for the past a day. Based on the examination, the physician instructions an MRI to investigate a possible transient ischemic attack.

This could be under the Illnesses of the Circulatory System – Codes 390 -459. Ischemic heart disease conditions- those brought on by reduced blood circulation to the heart- are coded under groups 410-414.

u A 44-year-old male reveals to the office complaining of sporadic chest pain. The physician requests an EKG to rule out a possible cardiac event.

This would be under the Symptoms, Signs, and Ill-Defined Conditions – Codes 780-799 Requirements in this phase classify patient's signs, symptoms, and ill-defined conditions that a definitive diagnosis cannot be made. In physician practice coding, these types of codes are used instead of coding rule-out, probable, or suspected state.

o A 72-year-old diabetic female displays a nonhealing wound onto her left ft ..

This would be beneath Endocrine, Dietary, and Metabolic Diseases, and immunity Disorders – Requirements 240-279, these kinds of codes sort out a variety of conditions. The most common disease here is diabetes mellitus, which is a progressive disease of possibly type one particular or type 11. The nonhealing might on her remaining foot, trigger be because she is a diabetic.


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