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December, 2009

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Business Summary

Crucial Vietnam Industry Facts



85. 6 million (2007)

US$90. 9 billion dollars (2008)

Consumer expenditure

US$58, 205 m (2008)

Client expenditure in food

US$20, 798 m (2008)

Consumer expenditure about fruit

US$1, 871 (2008)

Vietnam is an appearing market with an aspiring consumer class. It has a solid Gross Home-based Product (GDP) growth price of 7-9% per annum making it the second fastest-growing economy in Asia. In 2008 Vietnam ended India's three-year rule as the most attractive emerging market destination for overseas retail purchase. The Vietnamese retail and food service sectors happen to be expanding rapidly in response to strong economical growth, improved per capita income, shifting demand coming from rural to urban migration and increasing tourism. Vietnam is forecast to be among the world's top tourist destinations by simply 2016. Seventy percent of Vietnam's population is definitely below the associated with 30, resulting in an rising class of higher-income, more youthful and more westernised consumers. Vietnam also has among the world's largest female operating populations, producing the female client an important participant in the sector. Despite this, Vietnam is a low per household income region and customer buying decisions are generally based on selling price.

Vietnam has only emerged as a good importer of food products in the last ten years so retailers, importers and distributors do not have a solid understanding of Australia's capability and the products and services available. There is a chance to raise Australia's profile in Vietnam and encourage Australian suppliers to consider Vietnam as a feasible, growing marketplace.

Vietnam's retail food sector is focused by classic, family-owned ‘mom and pop' stores and wet market segments. However the modern retail sector has been increasing by over 20% per year which is expected to continue for five years.

Vietnamese price tag sales of goods and services have grown more than 13% each year for the last five years. Food sales make up less than 50 percent of total retail revenue (US$11. your five billion in 2007) with only 12% attributable to modern retail operate. Despite the purchases of modern selling formats, new horticultural produce is traditionally purchased in traditional stores. Modern stores currently have a market share of six percent for fruit and vegetables. The outlook for high-value foods and beverages inside the Vietnamese companies are excellent. Consumer expenditure in fruit items in Vietnam has been developing steadily over the past six years. In 2008 Vietnam brought in approximately 400, 000...

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Vietnam Summerfruit Market Overview 2009


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