Consumers Understanding Towards Internet Purchase in the Uk Essay



The web has grown immensely during the past years. It significantly changes just how people live, work and consume. That represents a huge opportunity and threats. As Chaffey and his colleagues (2003, p. xi) state: ¡°It gives customers a much wider choice of goods, services and costs from diverse suppliers as well as the means to choose and purchase items more readily. For companies, it gives a chance to develop new markets, to enhance the competition of the firm, but it also gives rise to many hazards to organizations¡±.

The united kingdom, as one of the countries with the highest percentage of sites users, is usually developing swiftly in Internet links. It has been predicted that Net connectivity may reach 80 per cent of households by 2010 (Damesick, 2001). At the same time, online shopping in the UK is also turning into one of the most popular trends in retailing today (CACI, 2000). On the other hand, the exponential boosts in shopping online and the fast rate of growth inside the number of retailers selling online have created an incredibly competitive market place.

In this already highly competitive marketplace, it becomes important for e-commerce managers to understand the different factors that affect persons using the Internet being a new purchasing medium. There are many benefits that attract people to decide on online shopping such as convenience, time saving, even more available options and possibly lower prices, however , many people are often hold back as anxiety about privacy, security and delivery issues with regards to Internet shopping.


As Internet retailing expands in size and importance, marketing and consumer analysts devote even more effort to studying customer Internet behaviour. In those researches, the majority of have been descriptive in character, yielding statistical information on what is purchased on the web and the demographic characteristics.

Beyond simple description, the modern day study is at an attempt to get some insight into people¡¯s perceptions toward Internet shopping in the UK. More exactly, it endeavors to find out the perception of websites users on the benefits and risks connected with online getting. A better comprehension of consumer behavior and perception would provide internet vendors more effective and powerful management and strategy.

1 . three or more OUTLINE OF PROJECT

Chapter you provides the background for the research, the targets and the outline of this study.

Chapter 2 provides an overview in the definition, importance and advancement e-commerce in the UK. It then reviews some ideas and models related to buyer buying actions and making decisions process. Furthermore, it identifies and explains in detail the primary benefits and risks of sites shopping.

Phase 3 may be the methodology part. It contains the hypotheses advancement, explanation to data collection method, piloting test of the survey customer survey, sample size calculation, and reliability check.

Phase 4 identifies the results of the study. The market profile plus the purchasing behaviour of participants are explained. Finally, the hypotheses happen to be tested.

Chapter five further covers the findings, and produces some managerial implications. After that it points out the limitation with the research besides making some tips for further analysis.


2 . 1 INTRO

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