Essay regarding Eating Christmas in the Kalahari

Eating Christmas in the Kalahari

Eating Christmas in the Kalahari is an intriguing content written by Richard Borshay Lee. In the document, Lee tells of his time working while an anthropologist in the Kalahari and learning the hunting and gathering subsistence economic climate of the! Kung Bushmen.

Lee (1969) publishes articles: The Bushmen's idea of the Christmas history, stripped to its essentials,

is " praise the birth of white colored man's god-chief”; what will keep their affinity for the holiday

excessive is the Tswana-Herero custom of slaughtering an ox for his Men neighbors while an

twelve-monthly goodwill touch. Since the 1930's, part of the Bushmen's annual circular of

actions has included a Dec congregation with the cattle articles for trading, marriage

brokering, and several days of trance-dance feasting at which the area Tswana headman

is host. (p. 1)

Lee determined that he would partake in the custom as a way of thanking the! Kung Bushmen for cooperation with his field job. Lee sooner or later learns different customs which might be common with the! Kung Bushmen. Schaefer (2012) defines Gemeinschaft as " a close-knit community, often found in country areas, by which strong personal bonds bring together members” (p. 108). The! Kung Bushmen are almost certainly a Gemeinschaft society. Relating to Schaefer (2012), " gossip is a frequent way for cultural control to be maintained in Gemeinschaft communities. It is typical in Gemeinschaft societies for people to place small emphasis on individual privacy” (p. 109). Shelter (1969) publishes articles, " The next morning word spread among the people that the best solid dark-colored one was your ox selected by /ontah (my Bushman name; it indicates, roughly, " whitey”) pertaining to the Holiday feast” (p. 1). This kind of quote via Lee's content is a great example of how the chat of the chosen ox distributed so quickly through the! Kung Bushmen. There are plenty of references to status in Lee's content. Schaefer (2012) defines position as " a term used to refer to the of the full range of socially identified positions...

References: Lee, 3rd there’s r. B. (1969). Eating Holiday in the Kalahari. Natural Record, December 69.

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