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Words and Music by Beam Boltz

A chat between a father great son

(Son) Dad, experience it always been this way?

(Dad) Well, actually from the beginning males hated Jesus, even though this individual did nothing but love them and teach them and heal them. They will nailed him to a get across. They thought they had murdered Him, however they only established him free to live in the hearts of folks like you and me who also believe in Him. Then came the apostles and most of these were killed for sharing with other people regarding Jesus. And so they tortured them and killed these people and even still left their body to get rotten as an example to other people. Nevertheless the church held right on developing watered by blood of the precious Saints.

(Son) But Dad, did they want to die?

(Dad) Not any they did not want to die. Come on, man, many of them got children exactly like you they had to leave behind. But they were required to make a choice. They could decide to live that one life here on earth and reject Christ A and stay damned or they may choose to rely on the words of Jesus and live permanently.

(Son) I think I realize.

(Dad) Here, maybe this will help you realize.

I possess heard just how christians long ago

Were helped bring before a tyrants throne

And they had been told that he would spare their lives

If they might renounce the name of Christ.

But one by one they will chose to expire

The Kid of Goodness they would not deny

Just like a great angelic choir performs

I can practically hear their voices diamond ring.


I promise allegiance towards the Lamb

Using my power, with all I am.

Let me seek to honor His orders

I promise, give your word allegiance to the Lamb.

At this point the years came and the years have gone

But the cause of Christ still continues on

And now the time has arrive to count the cost

To reject our planet, to take hold of the mix

And 1 by 1 let us live our lives

Intended for the One who died to offer us existence.

Till the trumpet sounds on the last day

I want to proudly stand and strongly say...


My spouse and i pledge devotion to the Lamb

With all my own strength, using I are.

I will seek to honor His commands

We pledge allegiance to the Lamb.

To the Lamb of God who bore my soreness

Who took my place, Who used my disgrace.

I will keep pace with honor His commands

My spouse and i pledge allegiance to the Lamb.

The converstation between father fantastic son carries on

(Dad) You've got to keep in mind the that wasn't usually this way. Come on, man, my dad could pray in school. Of course , that they took that away from him. Then it started to be incorrect for people to believe inside the Bible and after that they only stripped the right to praise away from all of us and we silently stood by. But son, I hope that you have been never inside the position that you must choose between your faith as well as your life. When you are - I am aware which decision you're going to generate because I realize that Christ lives inside of you. In the meantime, just pray like I actually taught one to and take care of your mom. And remember that Our god is the Father of the fatherless.


I promise allegiance to the Lamb

With all my durability, with all We am.

I will seek to prize His commands

I pledge allegiance to the Lamb.

I pledge devotion to the Lamb

With all my strength, using I i am.

I will seek to honor His commands

I actually pledge fidelity to the Lamb.

My spouse and i pledge allegiance to the Lamb

With all my own strength, using I are.

I will seek to honor His commands

I pledge devotion to the Lamb.

Im here Lord

Terms and Music by Daniel L Schutte

I, the Lord of ocean and sky,

I have noticed my people cry.

All who dwell in dark and desprovisto,

My hand will save.


Here I am, Head of the family. Is it My spouse and i, Lord?

I use heard you calling inside the night.

I will go, Master, if you lead me.

I will hold the people within my heart.

My spouse and i, who manufactured the stars of night,

Let me make all their darkness bright.

Who will bear my mild to all of them?

Whom shall I give?




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