Courage Essay

Courage (noun): --

1 . To be able to do something you know is difficult or harmful. OR

The state of hawaii or top quality of brain or nature that enables one to face risk or dread with self-possession, confidence, and resolution bravery. 4.  The power or quality of dealing with or perhaps facing hazard, fear, pain, etc

Illustrations of COURAGE

1 . She has the courage to support unpopular causes.

2 . It takes courage to stand up for your rights.


" No-one can answer to get his valor when he is never in danger" [Duc de la Rochefoucauld Maxims] " Sometimes even to have is a great act of courage" [Seneca Letters to Lucilius] " Bravery is not merely one of the benefits but the kind of every virtue at the testing point" [C. S. Lewis] " Mess your bravery to the staying place" [William Shakespeare Macbeth]

Courage is a extremely acclaimed trait in a person. It is raised up in warfare and times of struggle, yet sometimes the intentions in back of these courageous actions are overlooked. The importance of courage lies not in the act itself, however in the inspirations and values behind it. Straightforward being brave does not amount to courage. �

If an work is performed which has no thought at the rear of, it seems to lose its value. In the terms of orator and lawyer Robert Green Ingersoll, " Courage without conscience (a person's moral sense of right and wrong, seen as acting as being a guide to their behaviour) is a wild beast. " You should give some thought to an action before acting upon this. Without believed, or " conscience", the action can be untimely and uncontrolled since would a " outrageous beast. "

Rather, great intentions and motivations will need to fuel brave actions. Because British creator Samuel Manley states, " Bravery does not have any place in which it can acquire nothing. " In other words, courage or braveness is worthless and needless if the final outcome cannot be effective.

Courage is usually defined by the motivations and thoughts that exist within the actions. If these types of do not are present, the value of courage is misplaced.

Most of us trust the dictionary to provide us the entire understanding of anything we do not know. In this aspect, it is too little when it details courage. Although it defines physical courage, it omits interior courage that can be argued being much more important to posses. Webster's " new world " Dictionary identifies courage since " a temperament of facing and working with anything recognized as dangerous, hard or agonizing, instead of pulling out from it”. � Bravery is certainly not the ability to be brave in order to laugh in the face of danger. Courage is not really risking your daily life for justice. Courage is usually not a individual that agrees to fight, yet he who can stand up against it. Courage is not something you may define totally, and therefore may vary between each person. It can be stated that a little woman who endeavors out on her bike for the first time displays as much courage being a man jumping into a pond to save a drowning girl, knowing he cannot swimming. Courage can be described as state of mind that allows a person to get over fear, soreness, danger or hardship. Although different from one another, all facets of courage involve taking risks. Physical bravery is facing your fears of possible actual harm. A fireman hurrying into a losing building, a woman running throughout thin- ice to save children that has only fallen through, an official charging right into a building just to save a hostage. These are almost all examples of physical courage. Mental courage is standing up on your phobias. Even though some fear heights, I me personally fear speaking in front of a sizable audience. A son whom overcomes his fear of traveling by air to be simply by his dying mothers part is mental courage that cannot be fully measured or perhaps explained. Mental courage is a ability to overcome tragedy and to move forward in the face of sheer eliminate. Mental courage is a person finding out he has a brain tumor, but still cherishing and living life towards the fullest. Mental courage is definitely taking care of your brother and sister following a death of their parents. Iqbal – Poet person, Philosopher, Presidential candidate, and The Dreamer

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