Craig Kielburger Essay

Craig Kielburger

Not really a day that goes by that individuals don't hear about children all over the world who need our help. Whether it's a headline around the newspaper, a high story on the latest media, or a great infomercial on the way you can give money to save an harmless child's lifestyle. Everyone believed it to be impossible to make a change, but Craig Kielburger thought in any other case.

At the age of just 12 years old, Kielburger decided this individual wanted to become an eager beaver for the rights of children all over the world. He previously an epiphany after the news broke of your young Pakistaner boy, Iqbal Masih, who was shot pertaining to standing up intended for the freedom against slavery – him becoming a slave himself. Little would Craig know that this tiny idea to improve the way we come across freedom will make such a huge impact on the world. This tiny concept provided birth to the idea of that which we know now as " Free the Children”. Craig and a grouping of his good friends brought this kind of organization alive with their drive and determination. This led them to travel to different universities across the country to get the message that freedom and empowerment for those underprivileged kids around the world is very important in making this world strong and unified.

Several years have approved since that time and Craig and his brother have taken the effort in creating another corporation called " Me to We”. To conclude, Craig Kielburger did not simply bring take great pride in to Canada with his fortitude and humanitarianism, but to these whose noises were remaining unheard.


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