Essay about Social Challenges And Alternatives Charts

п»їSocial Problem of the Industrial Age

Just how was the Interpersonal Problem resolved during the Industrial Age (social movement, law, etc . )? Was the Social Problem resolved successfully? Be sure to support the opinion with evidence from the lesson or your research. Is a Social Issue still a concern today? How?

Kid Labor

Sociable Reformers just like Mother Smith addressed the truth of Child Labor This Social Problem was addressed Successfully, through teams and audio speakers, they spoken to the community, addressing Kid Labor and the working conditions Still in a position to legally work on the age of 14/15, but only an limited hours a day/week

Tenement Housing

Tenement houses continued to be built, actually proved to be hazardous. Sanitation (Plumbing, Electricity, and so forth ) in certain of the homes where no existent Certainly, Because laws where passed to add upon better living conditions for people that lived in Tenement houses. Nonetheless a slight concern for people in poverty, but overall lawfully there are limits to who can live in homes. Poverty

Social Reformers came up with businesses like the Interpersonal Gospel Motion to help the indegent Although there were multiple agencies to help the less fortunate, Low income was still a problem. Poverty nonetheless exists today around the globe.

Interview with Erika Gurrola:

1 ) What are your reasons for volunteering?

I love to help people, It makes me happy to observe others completely happy even if Now i am not. installment payments on your What is the objective of the organization that you volunteer? The newest organization We volunteered intended for is called the vacation Giving retail store. Other businesses im a part of is Procedure School Bell (Giving Parents with children who happen to be in elementary brand new university clothing), Conditioning Families (Organization that helps father and mother in lower income understand their children more, and to work together conquering obstacles that can come the family's way) several. What tasks do you conduct to aid the corporation?

Volunteers walk around...


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