Consumers’ Perception Towards the Existing Mobile Phone Employees in Bangladesh Essay



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Consumers' Understanding towards the Existing Mobile Phone Providers in Bangladesh


September, 2011


The cellphone operators companies are a firm competition industry in Bangladesh. At present there are six workers in the market plus they are offering various diversified product to the customer. The objective of preparing this kind of paper should be to find out the consumer perception regarding the diversified product of these operators. To get fulfilling the objective of the paper some buyers of various employees are chosen by using sample. This sampled are review through a questioner. And the analyses are done through counting the answers given by the experienced customer in survey questioner. The result found by the questioner survey is definitely discussed by simply categories these people into 4 parts, as - Client Perception about Diversified Deals, Customer Understanding on Call Charge, Customer Transitioning, Multiple SIM Users, Sites, satisfied buyer of each operators and consumers suggestion to operators.

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|Contents |Page No . | |Chapter you |1-5 | |1. you Introduction |2 | |1. 2 Goals of the examine |3 | |1. several Justification of the study |4 | |1. 4 Range of the examine |5 | |Chapter 2 |6-8 | |2. one particular Methodology with the study |7 | |2. 2 Data analysis and Interpretation of information Information |7 | |Chapter 3 |9-13 | |3. 1 Introduction to the Market |10 | | three or more. 1 . 1 Grameenphone (GP) Limited |10 | | 3. 1 . 2 Banglalink |11 | | 3. 1 . several Robi...


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