Defending User’s Privacy Essay

Protecting The User's Personal Info

Kanjuette Wakefield

Customer Relations and Providing – you

Professor Lori Wortylko

Aug 6, 2013

Defend a great organization's directly to collect user's data. If the company limit the use of this information? I i am choosing to talk about Wal-Mart plus the way they will choose to safeguard the user's data that is collected if a customer works on the credit or debit card or possibly a check at Wal-Mart. This kind of establishment is here now to protect the rights and concerns of every consumer who have purchases goods through both online or perhaps by buying things in the store. I am aware personally from being a standard shopper for Wal-Mart and from operating there for approximately a month they are really very concerned about advertising someones personal information as they are trying to steer clear of lawsuits and unnecessary actions that can be used against all of them. Wal-Mart is known as a people friendly atmosphere in which a lot of persons enjoy purchasing because of many products they sales and the reasonable prices that are cost-effective. Now while i was a staff at the business, Wal-Mart's insurance plan was to never ask questions that didn't apply to the customer like where do you really work and have absolutely long are you there. Were most concerned with making sure the user's privacy and respect on their behalf as a convenient shopper. By being a frequent customer at Wal-Mart I recognize some of the guidelines that are place to ensure the user's privacy. Let's imagine for instance you purchase items with a debit or perhaps credit card you have to show your IDENTITY with a photography, but in many cases the customer service rep. won't even request. Now I have seen some customer satisfaction reps. writing information straight down but My spouse and i couldn't discover why. So I asked why do they need this all information if you just looked at my IDENTIFICATION, and I was told it absolutely was a store insurance plan. I knew that information was incorrect and so i would usually challenge them and ask all of them the new policy and in which it's drafted. The...

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