Essay about Dhl Logistics-Company Information

Table of Material

1 . Corporation Information3

installment payments on your Corporate Structure3

2 . 1 . Equity Ownership3

2 . 2 . Corporate Affiliates3

2 . a few. Major Customers4

2 . four. Major Organization Partners4

2 . 5. Major Competitors4

a few. Technology Buying Habits4

some. Technology composition as it pertains to our IGT products4

a few. Suggested regions of IGT providers that might be relevant4

6. BPO Outsourcing Vendors and Services Outsourced5

7. IT Freelancing Vendors and Services Outsourced5

8. Other Information5

Corporation Information

• Parent Business: Deutsche Content AG (DPAG)

• Brands: Deutsche Content, DHL

• Krauts (umgangssprachlich) Post DHL is the world's leading postal and logistics group. The integrated DHL and Krauts (umgangssprachlich) Post brands offer thorough services in international share, air and ocean freight, road and rail transport and deal logistics. The Group produced revenue of more than 54 billion dollars euros in 2008 with over five-hundred, 000 workers in more than 220 countries and areas.


Countrywide and international Mail and Parcel Companies

Dialog Advertising Services

Outsourcing and Program Solutions pertaining to the Mail Organization

International Share

Air Gets

Ocean Shipping

European Highway Freight

Deal Logistics

Certain DHL companies:

• At the start of 2002, Deutsche Post World Net became the major aktionar in DHL. By the end of 2002, DHL was completely owned by simply Deutsche Content World Net. In 2003, Deutsche Post World Net consolidated all its communicate and logistics activities as one single manufacturer, DHL.


HQ – Bonn, Philippines

IT HQ – Prague, Czech Republic; Scottsdale, Arizona ( az ); and Cyberjaya, Malaysia.

2009 Bugdet – Q1 11505Mn Euros

Commercial Background

| |2009 |2008 |2007 |2006 |2005 | |Revenue |13209 Q1, 08 |11505 Q2, 2009 |-13% Change | | | |Gross Perimeter | | | | | | |Net Profit |383 |984 |+ 147% | | | |Headcount | |500, 000 | | | | |Share Price | |10. thirty seven Euros | | |

Business Structure

Deutsche Post Universe Net

MailExpress/ LogisticsFinancial Companies

Deutsche PostDHL Post Financial institution

(DHL Communicate, DHL Shipment, Excel Source Chain, Global Forwarding)

• Corporate Governance

As a A language like german public limited company, Deutsche Post functions a dual management system comprising the Panel of Administration, as the management human body, and the Supervisory Board, as the controlling body. The Board of Management is in charge of managing the business, and is appointed, overseen and advised by the Supervisory Plank. The Panel of Administration consists of the subsequent seven associates: Dr Honest Appel (chairman), John Allan (Finance), Ken Allen (EXPRESS), Bruce Edwards (SUPPLY CHAIN), JГјrgen Gerdes (MAIL), Walter Scheurle (Personnel) and Hermann Ude (GLOBAL FORWARDING, FREIGHT).

The Organization Board contains twenty people: ten aktionar representatives will be elected by the Annual Basic Meeting while a further 10 are elected by workers in accordance with the provisions from the Mitbestimmungsgesetz (German co-determination act). Chairman: Prof. Dr Wulf von Schimmelmann.

3 Value Ownership

• DHL is usually owned simply by Deutsche Content World Net.

• Reveal holder Framework

Deutsche Content AG's talk about capital is composed of 1, 209, 015, 874...


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