Digitization of Library Supplies Essay

The Usage of Details Communication Technology in Science and Technology Information Sites in Ceylon (veraltet)

R. L. R. In. Premarathna

Number 361/1, Manel Watta Street, Bollegala Gonewala (w. s. ), Tel. 0714307681, Email. ranjan. [email protected] com

A number of cooperative programmes including exchange of information can be seen among affiliate libraries from the Science & Technology details networks in Sri Lanka. Currently most of data networks in other countries engage in their cooperative actions by using Details Communication Technology (ICT). This research endeavors measure the impact of Information Communication Technology pertaining to cooperative activities of information networks among scientific research and technology information sites in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Scientific and Specialized Information Network (SLSTINET), Agricultural Information Network (AGRINET), and Health Literature Library and Information Services (HELLIS) have been selected intended for the research. These kinds of networks effectively carry on catalogue cooperative activities. The aim of the research is to find out whether they work with information conversation technology to do their cooperative activities. Info has been collected from these kinds of three sites and their member libraries by sending forms.

Questionnaires were sent to 60 out of 120 affiliate libraries of SLSTINET, 25 out of 30 affiliate libraries of AGRINET and 12 out of 19 member your local library of HELLIS. Data research has been done by calculating method, mean and representation of percentage principles. Data has become presented by making use of table and diagram.

It had been found the fact that Usage of Information Communication Technology can be seen in a lot of house keeping function (a computerized catalogue, creating info bases, net searching, CD ROMs searching and using emails) of the sites. It is found in cooperative programs like causing union list and ULIST, current awareness service through the email and providing access to online journals also....


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