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Youth traditions is " the sum of the means of living of adolescents; that refers to bodily norms, ideals, and techniques recognized and shared by members in the adolescent world as ideal guides to actions".[1] This definition includes two factors. The first is lifestyle, which can be understood to be the emblematic systems, and processes of maintaining and transforming all those systems, that individuals share.[2] The other part of this definition is the fact youth culture is specific to children, and is different at least partially through the culture of older decades. Elements of youth culture contain beliefs, behaviors, styles, and interests. A great emphasis on outfits, popular music, sports, vocabulary, and online dating set adolescents apart from various other age groups, giving them what effortless is a distinctive culture of their own.[3] Within children culture, there are many distinct and constantly changing youth subcultures. These subcultures' norms, values, behaviors, and fashions vary broadly, and may differ from the general junior culture.


In this 21st century world, ethnicities have improved and so youth culture worldwide. In Malaysia, our children cultures have made changes as the world's culture transform goes. Since Malaysia is known as a multi-cultural nation so the tradition of our children today obviously has it is varieties. By fashion to music and also to the characteristics of Malaysian youth.

Based on modern-day fashion world, the young decades of today obviously have it strategies to channel the influence of style into the youth culture. Discovering Malaysian children, a lot of them are extremely trend next or some may well say informal. Since Malaysia is a nation of many races, fashion for the youth traditions has it is variations. If you were to take on a shopping mall today, you can see the equally guys and girls putting on skinny denim jeans, tank clothes, hot slacks, checked tshirts, converses and the like. Most fashion among our youth today is very globalize, taking coming from western countries like...


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