FCE Speaking Practice Parts 2 And 4 In Essay



Look at pictures A and B and describe the jobs the two people people are doing.


Photo A reveals … whereas picture N shows … They both equally show… That they remind myself of…

Additional discussion inquiries

What difficulties do you think the individual in picture B confronts in her working day?

I actually imagine … Also, Perhaps …

Do you consider the job in picture A is as glamorous and interesting as it looks? looks?

This will depend …

The best thing about it is usually … but … as well as Personally, I believe that …

Which work is more worthwhile (befriedigender)?

(befriedigender)? Why?

I would personally rather work as a… because …

What personal attributes do you think are needed for each job?

I suppose that… and also …

In your opinion, which usually job has better longlong-term career potential customers (Zukunftsaussichten)? (Zukunftsaussichten)?

Well, I do think that …

In my opinion, … because ….

Do you think that earning lots of money is more important than job satisfaction? For what reason?

It depends … Yes, Certainly … We No, We don't agree. In my opinion, …

Useful terms

personal fulfillment



long teaching














a good figure

Check out pictures

photographs C and D and describe the roles the two folks are doing.

Photo C is a photograph of …

They will remind me personally of…

and picture D can be described as photograph of … That they both show…

Additional debate questions

Which person do you think enjoys his job the majority of?

I suppose … since …

Which will job do you consider is most stressful? Why?

I believe that … It depends on…

Which career do you think

think requires the most training and experience?

I guess …

Do you think that you would enjoy an outside job until now want to work in the workplace?

I would like … because …

Well, I think that … because …

Which from the jobs do you prefer to do and why?

Well, I'd like … because …

Which work would you unlike to do? So why?

I can't stand … much … thus …

Would you like to work in foreign countries? Why?

Very well, I think …

How important can be described as knowledge of British for finding a career?

I suppose that …

Useful words

fresh air


a sole proprietor



bad weather

hard life


career prospects


emotionally demanding


Further practice

Now question and answer questions about the position you would like to perform when you keep school, such as what extra training you need, what the task involves, how come you need the job, if it's difficult to find the job, which usually school topics will be best to you, etc .


Check out pictures A and W and explain the kind of getaway they signify.

Picture A shows …; this is the kind of holiday where you … while picture M …

Further discussion queries

Which from the two getaways would you get pleasure from most? How come?

I think I'd enjoy … because …

Explain how come you would not really be and so interested in the other sort of holiday.

Very well, I'm not very keen on.. / I may particularly just like … Perhaps you have ever been over a holiday like the one shown in picture A or B? If so , what was that like?

I recall … It had been (not) the things i expected... Firstly, … and then... Why do you think holidays are crucial?

There are many main reasons why. First of all, …

Look at pictures C and D. Compare and contrast the two several types of holiday shown.



tional discussion questions

Which holiday appears more attractive to you? Why?

Have you ever ever been on the holiday just like the kind shown in photographs C or D? In which? Did you like the experience?

Do you think that holidays have to be high-priced to be enjoyable? Would you choose to go on vacation with your friends or with your family? Do you prefer beach holiday seasons or educational and social holidays? Why? Do you prefer to be on a holiday where anything is done for you or where you have got to to look after yourself? Explain why.

Do you think...


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