Forensic Ways to Analyze Lipstick Traces Essay

Forensic scientists proven a way to identify the brand of lipstick somebody was using at against the law scene taking away the evidence from the bag, staying away from contaminating the evidence (2013). The technique named Raman Spectroscopy was used (2013). This method detects laser light allowing for detectives to analyze lip stick marks still left at the offense scene (2013). " Studying lipstick traces can be used to set up physical contact between two individuals, like a victim and a suspect” (2013). This kind of advancement is significant because current lip stick tracing relies on destructive forensic techniques or human view (2013).

" Raman spectroscopy is advisable as it can be performed through clear layers, just like evidence bags” (2013). This method is beneficial because minute samples could be analyzed quickly and non-destructively ” (2013).

" Raman spectroscopy is a method involving mild and vibrational energy of chemical bonds” (2013). The moment light can be scattered off a materials most of it truly is scattered in its original wavelength but a bit more00 is scattered in a distinct wavelength (2013). A microscopic lense is used to collect the light providing a Raman variety, which gives a characteristic vibrational fingerprint (2013). This can then be in comparison to various types of lipsticks (2013).

Presently more studies being conducted into applying the same technique on various cosmetic proof, such as eyeliners, and pores and skin creams (2013).

This recent progression in forensic science is truly amazing. With this new strategy forensic researchers will be able to examine lipstick without compromising the continuity of evidence. Within the last lecture we were talking about the way we as forensic investigators should never contaminate the crime picture and data in anyway. This article reveals exactly about that. The current means of analysis is usually destructive as stated in the article, thus this process will definitely always be beneficial. Since this technique can easily...


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