Global Main and Periphery Essay

Global core and periphery

LO: to discuss the spatial design of global communications through the mapping of key areas with the focus of interaction (network hubs/nodes), the peripheries and areas relatively unaffected by these types of interactions.

Global economy – basic features

2. Single globe market – producers to change rather than employ. Price is identified on a global scale * 3 physical tiers – core as well as semi-periphery / periphery * Temporal tendencies – development then wachstumsstillstand. Hegemony (indirect dominance of 1 country UK > UNITED STATES > Japan > China? ) 5. Integration or rejection – reaction of societies e. g. Islamic fundamentalism * Claims (political point out, way the ruled) – states function to protect all their interests, their companies and peoples interests from global economy * Alternative modifications – how do nation declares adapt to a global economy? Foreign trade led protectionism, isolationism and so forth Core -North America, Traditional western Europe and East Asia

* Large income countries

* Primary trade goes between these types of 3 areas

* Countries in core include diversified financial systems, with substantial output, large purchasing power and large home-based markets 5. Outside this kind of core, the global periphery is actually a location of cheap raw materials or perhaps cheap manufacturing or a marketplace for the core to ‘dump' all their surplus goods Semi Periphery

* Large and central income countries

5. First waves of Recently Industrialised Countries (NICs) – South Korea, Taiwan, Hk, Singapore 5. Second trend of NICs or Just lately Industrialised Countries (RICs) – e. g. Malaysia, South america, South Africa 5. BRICs (the four biggies) – Brazil, Russia, India, China * Resource transferring countries, RICs and NICs, former socialist countries, lesser European countries. 2. Some of these countries could certainly be seen as area of the CORE (South Korea) others are characterised by local disparities and social polarisation (Brazil) others with extremely rapid economical growth (Slovakia, China) Periphery...


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