Essay about Greatest Strength and Weak point

That stuff seriously one of my personal greatest advantages is not getting involved in other people's cattiness and drama. I have always been that you listen each time a friend requires someone to talk to and I usually tried to have some understanding, but I usually hated viewing people other folks try to consider sides in arguments. In my experience this is how lots of people lose close friends and how clicks are started. In senior high school I was capable of being friends using different kinds of people with no problem, whether or not they were jocks, preps, or nerds I was able to get along with just about anybody. My spouse and i even had a few friends that hated one another yet I always simply stayed fairly neutral in it all. I think this would help me using a RA position because I might be able to listen closely if individuals were having problems and find a solution for the problem with out taking one particular person's part over the other folks.

That stuff seriously one of my own changes is that I was not always because aggressive ?nternet site need to be. If you have a problem I often locate myself aiming to stay out of that. The only time I ever before get involved as if I think i really need to. I actually am as well not always as aggressive as I should be when it comes to things like my own grades. My friend always is definitely telling me personally that basically don't think I managed to get the grade that I earned I need to question why to see if I can fix it or what I could do the the next time. I always continue to work hard but occasionally I still find it hard to approach somebody like that and have for a better grade. I feel that becoming a Homeowner Assistant may help me get over this and i also will learn to become more assertive when I should be. I would also be able to support other people which have been like me and teach these to be more assertive.


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