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The Rule of Law





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18th December, 2010



Program: Business Regulation

Course Code: Bus 507

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Dear Sir,

In the pursuing pages, we now have presented the rules of legislation. Which you have been authorized us to prepare and submit simply by 18th 12 ,, 2010 since Business Legislation course necessity.

This project is based on the principles of legislation. We enjoyed preparing the assignment & it was very interesting. In preparing this job, we have tried our level best to consist of all the relevant information and tried to identify real information.



At first we would like to give thanks to my reputable Course Trainer Honorable Prof. Dr . Ahmed Fakhrul Alam who offers us a chance to make this assignment. This is a fascinating topic because I acquire knowledge about Regulation.

We want to speak about our power and constraints that we needed to accept through the completion of this assignment. The limitations were not able to do a couple of necessary methods for time inconvenience. Nevertheless , we believe that we have tried my personal level better to make this job more reliable and expectable.

We wish to give a lot of thanks to my most honored study course Instructor mainly because for choosing this kind of interesting theme for project.

Objective in the Study

The primary goal of this project is getting acquainted knowledge about guidelines of regulation. The secondary purpose of this assignment is to know the source of regulation as setting up a demonstration & statement from the matters.





Middle Ages07

Modern Times07

What is the Rule of Law? '08

Elements of the Rule of Law08

The cost of The Secret of Law09

Contrasted with Arbitrary Electricity or Big difference with Arbitrary Law09

Ability to Choose Variations and Kinds of Life09

Freedom of Person Life09

Human Dignity10

The Rules of Regulation and its Essence10


introduction to the Guideline of Regulation

" The Rule of Law” is actually a legal maxim that claims " no person is immune system to law”. The expression has been utilized since the seventeenth century, but the concept may be traced to ancient Greece. Aristotle said this way: " law will need to govern". Rule of rules stands in contrast to the idea that the sovereign is usually above the law (rex lex), a feature of Roman Law and other legal systems. Political figures, lawyers, economists and policy-makers often utilize the term " rule of law” to characterize a particular type of legal-political regime. Since the speed of the positive effect has increased in the past two decades, a large number of developing countries have prioritized their coverage agendas in promoting the secret of regulation to ensure equal rights and human rights inside the society. Record

Although credit rating for popularizing the expression " the guideline of law" in modern times is generally given to A. V. Dicey, development of the legal idea can be tracked through history as far back as Ancient Greece. Longevity

The guideline of law is an old ideal, and was discussed by Ancient Greek philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle around 350 BC. Plato published:

Where the law is susceptible to some other expert and features non-e of its own, the collapse in the state, within my view, is usually not far off; but if legislation is the master of the govt and the government is its slave, then a situation is full of promise and men get pleasure from all the benefits that the gods shower over a state. Aristotle endorsed the rule of law, publishing that " law will need to govern", and the ones in electrical power should be " servants of the laws. " Cicero wrote, " All of us are servants in the laws to ensure we may always be free. " The supremacy of rules is by no means a great exclusively american notion: inside the Chinese philosophical school of Legalism in the 3rd...


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