... Fitness and Health Essay

Topic: Physical fitness

Good morning, Principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates, this morning I want to share with you something about fitness and health. Many persons think that health means exercise. However , I do think there are some dissimilarities between them.

Based on the interpretation of World Overall health Organization, being healthy means a state of complete physical, mental and social health and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity whereas becoming fit means the state of being physically active regularly to maintain very good physical condition.

As far as I am concerned, there is a close relationship between health and fitness. It is because keeping your body healthy is vital of obtaining fitness.

It truly is vitally important for us to be healthy and fit because it helps us to obtain a good quality of life, for example , achieving the target in life. To me at the moment getting a good result in the UE test and successfully get entrance to university is of utmost importance, whereas individuals having a great relationship with family and friends can be their main priority. If we merely care for each of our beauty by using an out of balance diet, we will shortage nutrition and energy and turn sick, then simply affecting our day to day routine.

It can be alarming that Hong Kong pupils are becoming less energetic, fewer fit and fewer healthy than before. If this continues, the society will certainly be damaged because of the low productivity. Therefore , it is high time for us to know this phenomenon.

To alleviate the worsening condition, students ought to pay more focus on their diet. They should take in more fruit and vegetables, less beef and oily food. Besides, although young adults may deal with a lot of homework and examinations, all of us still must have enough time to rest. They should participate in more sporting activities, such as exercising and playing basketball or tennis frequently. I am sure growing the behavior of playing sports is often more interesting in the event they do there is certainly...


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