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QCF Degree or diploma Health & Social Treatment level two

Unit: CU2470

Handle Details in Into the Social Treatment Settings

Knowledge Questions

Competent practice is a combination of the application and skills and knowledge up to date by beliefs and ethics. These questions detail the ability and understanding required in carrying out competent practice inside the performance referred to in the product

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1 ) Identify the legislation that relates to it, storage and sharing info in into the social treatment?

The data security act 98 is the main bit of legislation that governs the protection of private data in the UK. It specifies the law about processing info on people living in the United Kingdom. The information protection take action is set you in eight principles: Personal data has to be processed pretty and lawfully.

Personal data must only be obtained to get a specific and lawful purpose it shall not be highly processed in any fashion incompatible with all the purpose it was acquired to get. All personal data should be adequate, relevant and not accesive in relation to the reason or uses for which they are really processed. Almost all personal info must not be held for any longer than it is necessary. It may only be retained for enough time needed for the goal of that information. All personal is highly processed in accordance with the topic rights. They may have the right to have data about themselves eliminated if they so desire. All personal data must be secured in any way time. Suitable technical and organisational procedures must be taken against unauthorised or illegal processing of personal data and against accidental lost, destruction or harm. Any personal data must not be transferred to any countries or territories away from European monetary area (EEA) without adequate protection.

The freedom info act 2 hundred: this gives individuals the right to question organisations such as local specialist, GP's, local police all the details they have info. They are several information that might be withheld to guard various pursuits which well, the individual should be aware of it and information about persons will be taken care of under the info protection act 1998. The complete provision of the freedom details act two hundred came into previous in January 2005

installment payments on your Explain why it is important to have secure systems for documenting and saving information within a health and sociable care establishing?

It is vital to possess a secure system for documenting and storing information in health and sociable care options so that the two individuals and staffs private data will be shielded from unauthorised viewing. It is the right of the individual and staff for their private data to

EverGreen Schools

QCF Diploma Health & Social Treatment level two

Unit: CU2547

Contribute to Into the Safety in Health and Social Care

Expertise Questions

Competent practice is a mix of the application and skills and knowledge informed by beliefs and integrity. These questions detail the ability and understanding required in carrying out qualified practice in the performance described in the device

Learner Term: Nyandeng Malek

Assessor: Elizabeth Ani


1 . Determine legislation concerning general health and safety within a health or social treatment work placing?

2 . Describe the main parts of the health and safety plans and methods agreed with all the employer?

3. Outline the key health and safety responsibilities of:


the employer or manager?

others in the function setting?

four. Identify jobs relating to health insurance and safety that should not always be carried out without special teaching?

5. Describe how to gain access to additional support and data relating to health and safety?

6th. Explain so why it is important to evaluate health and protection hazards carried by the work environment or by simply particular actions?

7. Make clear how and when to survey...


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