Interpersonal Group Dynamics Exploration Paper

Management Lessons Discovered in Sociable Group Dynamics

Leadership Lessons Learned in Interpersonal Group Dynamics

Initially when i first started Social Group Mechanics I had no clue what to expect to learn for the next six weeks. It was just a class I needed to work at my level in Strategic Leadership. Despite the fact that I've acquired plenty of management training in the Air Force (AF), this course helped reinforce a number of what I must have already been training. To be an effective leader you need to be able to believe critically, communicate openly and become a leader that people believe in, not only a figure brain with head as a name. Critical Pondering

An effective innovator doesn't produce snap decisions based on gut instinct alone. It takes many years of training and observation to master the proper way to business lead people. Inside the AF, being a young Licensed pilot you will be taught to follow the rules is to do whatever you are advised. As you develop your career you take notice of good leaders and bad leaders. The good their always jump out because of their capability to think vitally in any provided situation. Just like Kepner & Tregoe (1992), good commanders identify the basis cause of a problem and discover the action steps, sometimes needing to produce those decisions in hardly any time. Having this capability could imply the difference between life and death in the military. Brainstorming (Osborn, 1953) with subordinates is another way a powerful leader can arrive at a solution to a difficulty. Listening to other folks ideas might help the leader find a solution he might never thought of by himself. It doesn't display a sign of weakness or perhaps inability; that shows his concern so that his subordinates think about the provided situation and provides them a few stock in the outcome. Using this method he will also open up the lines of communication that might not have in any other case been there.


In the event my commander doesn't obviously state that he wants me to go directly over a hill to save time, I might need...

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