Essay upon Jean Watson

The hospital My spouse and i work at adopted Jean Watson's nursing theory of nurturing. As part of magnet requirements Blue jean Watson's theory is applied to our daily practice, during every shift. Our documentation includes documenting which will of Jean Watson's nachstenliebe are utilized during the move. There are 12 main caritas, some examples of Jean Watson's Caritas happen to be: enabling and sustaining beliefs and desire, sensitivity to self and others, using problem-solving for decision making, and marketing and receiving expression of positive/negative feelings and feelings (Sitzman, 2002). Jean Watson believes that caring could be both proven and used and that a caring environment promotes curing and development of a helping/trust relationship between the nurse and the patient. The core principles of her theory involve, practice of loving-kindness and equanimity, traditional presence, farming of one's own spiritual practice toward wholeness of mind/body/spirit, " being” the caring-healing environment, and allowing miracles (Wagner, 2010). This theory influences nursing by providing menschenliebe as instances of caring techniques that can be carry out if suitable for the patient (Wagner, 2010). Applying Jean Watson's nursing theory of patient, helps all of us look at the individuals as individuals with specific needs and problems, not as a living room number or perhaps diagnosis. Using a nursing theory in health care provides rules to the breastfeeding process and greater feeling of goal in the workplace. A healthcare facility I work at used education of Jean Watson's theory as a team building experience for each and every unit, permitting nurses to bond, replenish their that means of nursing, and create a beautiful free aristocrat slots (which is usually displayed in each unit).


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