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SBI3U Evolution Assignment: Guessing the Advancement of a Contemporary Horse's Descendant

You'll be completing the assignment in pg. 384 – 385

5. Complete this kind of outline (10 % of ultimate project mark). Print and submit this type in class by Thursday, May well 16, 2013.

Trigger and Plan

1 . We are studying the [insert modern horse breed identity here] and evaluating the following characteristics:

a. [insert trait #1 here]

b. [insert characteristic #2 here]

c. [insert trait #3 here]

2 . My personal isolated physical area of choice is [insert location here] and will be studied through the evolutionary period of time of [insert the right time range]

Perform and Record

I am comparing Przewalski's horse with:

1 . [insert modern HORSE breed #1 here] 2 . [insert contemporary HORSE particular breed of dog #2 here] 1 ) [insert modern HORSE breed #2 here]installment payments on your [insert modern HORSE breed #2 here]

Analyze and Interpret

The type of specific niche market my breed of horse is located in is [insert the type of specific niche market here]

The major mechanism(s) which might influence the evolution of the breed of horse I have selected is [insert EVERY applicable major mechanisms here]

Talk Your Findings

Let me present my personal findings by simply [insert the method by which you will display your final item ]

Important Remarks

The final job will be accepted in class: Wednesday, May 21 years old, 2013 – Thursday, Might 23, 2013.

Overlooked deadline insurance plan: An alternate task will be designated at the discernment of Ms. Raper.

You will be examined based on the rubric given away in class. An online copy is posted to your reference.


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