Just as Long as We’Re Together Essay

Just as Long as Wish Together is usually every maturing young girl's favorite Judy Bloom function. It is a tale about companionship, the problems of developing up, yet most importantly developing as friends; sadly regardless if it means growing apart. Stephanie and Rachel used to become best friends. They were doing absolutely everything by each other's attributes. However , there have been many distinctions between the two girls that began to area the year that they entered a very confusing amount of life called middle college. Rachel was a very serious nature. She was always under a lot of pressure at home to get very good grades and achieve highly in many methods from responsibility to music. The girl seemed to possess a stable and caring family environment even though (big home, loving dad and mom, etc . ). Stephanie alternatively was amazingly fun and playful. She adored to chuckle, did merely alright at school, and always appreciated never to consider herself as well seriously. In the home, Stephanie was missing the " perfect" family life that Rachel was blessed with. Her father and mother were getting a divorce which will she clearly had a difficult experience dealing with since shown in her over-eating to suppress her individual hurt sense. Unfortunately, her mom is usually not the strong support system Steph might need because she is suffering from hurt emotions herself. When Alison goes into the area, the out bound and full-of-life Vietnamese adoptee, Stephanie and Rachel's when inseparable bond is tested. Alison provides a lot more in common with Stephanie than Rachel now will in terms of maturity and character. Rachel makes some new good friends with pursuits similar to her own too. The girls study that it is fine to drift apart, however they have been through a lot collectively and can be friends. " Just as long as They're Together! "


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