K-Pop or Korean Traditions Concept Paper

When mentioned what " Korean Culture invasion in the Philippines” is, one would usually think of K-pop immediately. But then again, the conditions " K-pop” and " Korean Culture” are distinctly different in meaning with one another. The latter can be also called Korean language wave including almost all main aspects of Korean culture that penetrates other countries' lifestyle. By this, this means that Korean language fashion, music, dances, vocabulary, businesses, and so forth are all included. On the other hand, the previous only involves the Korean music. K-pop is actually the abbreviated kind of Korean Well-known Music. So this makes K-pop only an integral part of the Korean Wave inside the Philippines.

K-pop or the Korean language Popular Music is specifically from Southern Korea seeing that there is pretty much no music industry in North Korea. It includes Korean language music of all genres including soft rock and roll or ballad to general dance. The fame of K-pop cannot only be seen in the Israel but likewise in other Asian countries like China, Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Mongolia. If truth be told, K-pop was already famous in most of those mentioned countries before it even entered Philippines.

It was mentioned previously above that the definition of K-pop have been commonly and mistakenly pertained to as the whole Korean wave consisting of not only Korean music but also some additional aspect of Korean culture. In cases like this, K-pop can be misused to get the general Korean culture even if it simply involves the Korean pop music. The real reason for this common misuse of the term is that Korean music is said to be the main one of the most popular among all other Korean culture factors which motivated the Philippines' own. According to Gelelo (2010), this popularity of Korean music in the Philippines is really because Filipinos happen to be naturally generally known as music enthusiasts. This Filipino trait quite simply contributed to the proliferation of Korean music all over the Thailand.

Another improper use of the term K-pop is the exact reverse of the previously mentioned misuse of...


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