Lapat Program, an Environmental Law in the Maeng Tribe Essay

п»їLapat Program, Indigenous Knowledge, Systems, and Practices (IKSP) of Maeng Tribe-Tubo: A Climate Alter Adaptation Strategy

Nuval, Paul Joseph A. 1, Colting, Lita. M. a couple of

1Instructor, Division of Advancement COmmunication, Benguet State University, La Trinidad, Benguet 2Director, Open University or college, Benguet Condition University, La Trinidad, Benguet Email: [email protected] com

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The study decided effective regulating practices of the Lapat program and decided how these kinds of practices adapt to climate modify. Lapat program refers to the indigenous useful resource management system from the Maeng Tribe of Pesadez in controlling the natural resources inside the ancestral site which means to prohibit or regulate. Using its meaning, the standing purpose of the practice is to regulate, protect, and conserve the usage of resources and its particular biodiversity. Based upon the findings, the characteristics of Lapat which can be an adaptation strategy for local climate change relates the regulation and forbidance the cropping of forest and water by-products and maintain its biodiversity.

Further, the analysis underscored that the Lapat program encapsulates 3 concepts: IP rights more than land and resources; security of biodiversity; and the ecosystem-based approach. These kinds of three concepts converged and were mentioned as potential climate modify adaptation measure. Also, the analysis identified the interrelationship in the human answers to Lapat system such as human activities (mining actions, logging actions, burning forests vis-Г -vis hunting wildlife, pollution from the urbanized areas, and excessive utilization of farm inputs), felt and observed climatic changes (temperature rise, unexpected rainfall, strong typhoons and volume of water in surging, and change in calendar), to their biodiversity's inventory. Findings display that the constant implementation in the Lapat system interrelates these three sizes of human responses. The study recommends the LGU should certainly...


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