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2012 Summertime Olympics honor table

The 2012 Summer Olympics medal table is a list of National Olympic Committees (NOCs) ranked by the number of gold medals won during the 2012 Summertime Olympics in London,  United Kingdom, by 27 September to doze August 2012. Approximately 15, 800 players participated in 302 situations in twenty six sports.[1] Of the 204 NOCs participating, eighty five received in least one medal; fifty four won in least 1 gold honor.  Bahrain,[2] Botswana,[3] Cyprus,[4]Gabon,[5] Grenada (a precious metal medal),[6] Guatemala,[7] and Montenegro[8] won their particular first Olympic medals. In prior Olympics, however , Montenegrin athletes have won medals as nationals of Serbia and Montenegro and of Yugoslavia. An athlete from Serbia won the first Olympic gold medal for the nation as a completely independent NOC; Serbian athletes have previously received gold medals as excellent of Serbia and Montenegro and of Yugoslavia.[9] -------------------------------------------------

Medal table

Honor winners in women's trap firing, from left to right:  Zuzana Štefečeková from Slovakia (silver),  Jessica Rossi from Italy (gold), and Delphine Réau from France (bronze)

Victoria Azarenka (bronze) from Wei?russland,  Serena Williams (gold) from the Us, and Maria Sharapova (silver) from Russia won medals in tennis – women's singles. This can be a table in the medal count number of the 2012 Summer Olympics, based on the medal rely of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). These search positions sort by number of rare metal medals, gained by a National Olympic Committee (NOC). The number of sterling silver medals is taken into consideration up coming and then the quantity of bronze medals. If, following your above, countries are still tied up, equal ranking is given and they are generally listed in an alphabetical order by IOC Country Code. Although these details is given by the IOC, the IOC itself would not recognize or endorse virtually any ranking program.[10] In boxing,  judo,  taekwondo, and wrestling, two durete medals are awarded in...


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