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Mary Jo Copper

British 1250

Dec 21, 2013

Marijuana must be legalized in America for the two medical and entertainment use. There are plenty of reasons to support this thoughts and opinions. Marijuana copie is a expensive failure; studies have shown not any negative overall health effects from your smoking of marijuana. Structured crime might disappear by reducing the crime on the Mexican boundary because the key drug lords would not anymore profit from the sales. Downsize jails. An important portion of taxes money goes towards people being incarcerated for having weed. Away from all their friends and family, nevertheless professional sports athletes movie stars and other famous people are giving considerably lighter punishment for the same crime (Cecilius).

Nationally, over 830, 000 pot related arrest are made yearly; more than seventy, 000 People in america are currently in prison for possession or sale of pot. Think about that; 70, 000 Americans, locked up for something that next to 1 thinks is really as dangerous because alcohol. An additional fun reality arrest intended for pot at this point out quantities those for all violent criminal activity combined.

Research also display that probation cost happen to be high and law enforcement happen to be over burden all over the country and again a significant fact in the overcrowding of prisons across the United States. Based on the website Fire NC by Art Binaries says all of us spend seventy billion dollars a year by simply prosecuting the disastrous " war on drugs” (Cecilius).

Marijuana sativa is known as a drug that is commonly regarded by people who have the term marijuana. The legalization of marijuana has become considered as probably the most controversial issues that are prevailing all over the globe. In america, a lot of debate retains focuses on the problem whether or not weed should be legalized or certainly not. The China writings that date back through the 2700B. C. document the application of weed to get medicine (Researchomatic)

Doctor T. B. O'Shaughnessy from the medical College of Calcutta 1st wrote regarding the benefits through the use of weed for such aliments of rheumatic...

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