Literary Analysis: The Fault in Our Stars, and Speak Research Newspaper

п»їMelanie Menendez


Laura Fermi once stated, " lack of knowledge is never better then know-how. ” This implies knowing and understanding the facts is better then going with the gut without any proof behind it. This estimate is valid because know-how is what tutorials many coming from making the ideal and wrong decisions. A good example of this is believing a gossip that was spread around school. That is known as lack of knowledge because trusting the assertion that is informed without searching for any proof is unaware of the person. In The Fault in Our Actors by John Green and Speak simply by Laurie Halse Anderson thinking about lack of expertise and lack of knowledge is displayed. This is proven through the analysis of conflict.

The Fault inside our Stars relates to Laura Fermi's idea. This book is about a teenager, Hazel Style, whom offers cancer. The lady attends an assistance group mainly because her mother felt she needed to figure out how to socialize. This is the thing the lady did because at this close acquaintances she achieved the love of her life, Augustus Waters. Both Hazel and Augusta's fall into a magical intimate trance. None would have predicted anything to make a mistake. An example of ignorance in this publication is once Augustus tries to ignore the reality the tumor has come back again. He would not really tell Hazel or any individual. He kept it to himself and pretended everything was perfectly fine. Augustus was ignorant because he didn't recognize the fact having been sick and couldn't do as much as he used to do when he was very well. Pushing him self and disregarding the facts made his state worse. One other example of lack of knowledge in this story is when ever Hazel attempts to ignore the truth Augustus was sick. This was ignorant of her since if she accepted that maybe the girl could of helped him through this tough time within a better approach. This is represented though discord.

Another novel which could prove Laura Fermi's thought is Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. This book is approximately Melinda who was brutally scared by a get together she experienced attended the summertime before university started. Secondary school senior Andy...


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