Livetext Dissertation

LiveText An application to Change the Portfolio

By Genevieve Owens

Midway College or university

For Teacher Brady

EDU 201


The old days of keeping a big binder full of portfolio bits has come to an end thanks to the creation of LiveText. LiveText is internet based software utilized to organize and present a student's job. The program employs an intuitive and feature abundant interface which in turn takes much of the guess job and uncertainness out of making and maintain a functioning portfolio. A chance to edit the appearance and truly feel of the person's portfolio when utilizing nearly every media possible helps to provide the user's performs a professional look and feel.

With the information individuals must set up and later send in an effort to inspire to teach, it is a speculate that a huge percentage of such individuals will not go a bit crazy. Conventional paper after newspaper must be churned out and preserved in a secure location right up until needed. For several years this task was accomplished using tapped out documents and large binders. This may not be the case ever again. Thanks to progressing technologies educator candidates are now able to use LiveText to aid inside the organization and presentation of all hard work that has to go into a scholar's portfolio. LiveText is an intuitive, web based program with many exciting features in regards to the corporation and display of a present student's work. This software has the look and feel of most house windows based software which assists ease the training curve associated with most new applications. When a user has already established the opportunity to work with almost any internet based program (Moodle, personal world wide web hosting, Facebook or myspace, etc . ) using LiveText will not be a problem. The LiveText interface makes use of " tabs” to guide the person through the various options available to make and retail outlet entries in to the program. By simply clicking on the documents tabs for instance, the consumer has navigated to the position they have kept created performs. Clicking on a subcategory in this article will display portions created by user....


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