Methodology intended for Orange Stuff Essay


Making glue out of polystyrene or Styrofoam can lessen pollution because Styrofoam requires many years to decomposed. It may also block sewage systems which could cause flood. So , the solution we can apply is making the Styrofoam as scented stuff. A. Functional hypothesis

Orange colored scented glue is more effective than any other glue out there. B. Null hypothesis

Orange scented glue is less powerful than other stuff available in the market.


A. Research Design

Discuss the independent, reliant, and manipulated variables N. Materials


Orange peels

Alcohol or Vodka

Caffeine filter or perhaps strainer


C. Treatment and Process

Prepare a clean Styrofoam and cut it in to pieces for any faster breaking down. (Breaking throughout the Styrofoam could be odorous) Make the solution of orange oil by peeling the oranges. Put the peel off in a nice dry place (such as with a sun-drenched window ledge) to dry. Grate the peels with a grater or work them in a mill, blender or perhaps food processor chip after they happen to be dry. Place the ground peel off into a cup jar. Put enough alcohol (grain liquor or vodka, for instance) to cover the peel. Cover the jar tightly while using lid. Leave the protected jar under the sun. Shake the jar regularly over the course of many days. (Warm alcohol will mean more produce, so leave the container in a sunny spot. ) Strain the mixture through a coffee filtration or daily news towel. Leave the strained alcohol in a covered dish. When the alcoholic beverages evaporates, the rest of the liquid is definitely the orange olive oil. Mix the orange olive oil with the Styrofoam. The Styrofoam will break down to a thin water form. Take the resulting water, which will total an lemon scented glue and put into a jar. Label it well because " Glue" before putting it apart, so you plus your household will know what it is later. D. Success of the Stuff

to test the potency of the stuff, the following measures shall be done: take the product of the...


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