MGM 5500: Questions and Answers Dissertation

Course: MGM 5500

Job #6

A. What is the between a contribution cash flow statement and a traditional salary statement?

Contribution income assertion is positive cash-flow statement that classifies expense by patterns (fixed price and adjustable cost). Classic income statement is sometimes known as the practical income affirmation. It is an cash flow statement prepared in the multiple-step or sole –step profits statement formatting which adjusts to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and can be utilized for external economical reporting. The key difference between your two would be that the contribution cash flow statement list variable costs first, accompanied by fixed costs. Keeping in mind that GAAP and permit businesses to use the contribution profits statement intended for financial accounting – it can be used simply for internal making decisions purposes.

B. What is the between consumption costing and variable priced at?

Absorption being is a costing method where product expense includes all of the costs to get products and get them ready to sell regardless of whether the expense are variable or set. Generally Acknowledged Accounting Concepts requires business to use ingestion costing intended for financial accounting. Variable priced at is a technique of costing wherever only the costs to acquire items or to buy them ready to promote that change with output are cared for as merchandise costs. Put simply, only changing product costs are treated as product costs. For manufactures, the difference between ingestion costing and variable priced at is significant. For example , when ever Caterpillar uses absorption charging to determine the expense of manufacturing, their product price includes the direct material, direct labor, variable manufacturing overhead, and fixed manufacturing overhead cost incurred to make the bulldozer. These costs are put into inventory and they are not expensed as cost of goods distributed until the bulldozer is sol. However , the moment Caterpillar uses variable charging, product expense, includes only direct material, direct labor, and changing manufacturing overhead costs. Under changing costing most of Caterpillar's fixed manufacturing overhead cost is treated as period cost. Once Caterpillar uses variable costs are added to inventory (direct material, direct labor, and variable developing overhead). Below variable charging, Caterpillar bills fixed production overhead since it is incurred just like it does different period price such as offering and management expense.

Farreneheit. What is the contribution margin ratio and just how does it differ from the contribution margin?

Contribution margin is definitely the amount remaining after all varying costs have already been deducted coming from sales earnings. It is an crucial piece of details for managers, because it tells them how much of their provider's original sales dollars continue to be after deducting variable price. Contribution perimeter ratio may be the contribution margin expressed as being a percentage of sales. Contribution margin percentage can be compute by dividing the total contribution margin by simply total product sales or simply by dividing the per unit contribution margin by every unit selling prices.

Total contribution margin = Contribution margin ratio

Total sales

Or perhaps

Per device contribution perimeter = Contribution margin percentage

Per unit selling price

6-15 Fresh Cooked Cookie Company sells cookies in a large shopping mall. The next multiple-step income statement was prepared for the year ending December thirty-one, 2008.

New Baked Biscuit Company

Income Statement

To get the Year Ended December 23, 2008

Revenue $36, 1000

Cost of Products Sold 5, 000

Low Profit $32, 000

Functioning Expense:

Providing Expense $18, 000

Administrative Expense twelve, 000 twenty eight, 000

Working Income $4, 000

Expense of goods marketed is a varying cost. Offering expense is definitely 20% varying and many of these fixed, and administrative pricey is five per cent variable and 95% fixed.


Prepare a contribution cash flow statement for the Fresh Baked Cookie Business.

Fresh Cooked Cookie Organization...


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