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In the designated case, George Stein is faced with a great ethical problem. The difficulty and complexity on this dilemma is caused and compounded with a variety of factors. A discussion of those factors, and conclusions relating to what George ended up undertaking, serve as the building blocks for this case analysis.

The first element that is playing an influential function in George's decision making is the fact that that he is young. Researchers suggest that young individuals tend to be likely to produce unethical decisions than elderly individuals (e. g., Longenecker, McKinney, & Moore, 1989; Ross & Robertson, 2003; Waters & Bird, 1987). Other experts (e. g., Hunt & Jennings, 97; Jennings, Hunt, & Munn, 1996) have got explored honest decision making specifically within the context of organizations and clubs. They jointly hypothesized and concluded that young groups and teams generate more unethical decisions than older teams and clubs. They also identified that scholar teams produce more dishonest decisions than professional director teams. These kinds of findings are very relevant to this case since the nighttime shift staff at Asian Dairy can be viewed a group or perhaps team of young, non-management individuals and George himself is a student. With his early age and the reality he is new to this work, George also lacks encounter. Research implies that a higher level of experience is more strongly associated with ethical selections than decrease levels of encounter (Glover, Bumpus, Sharp, & Munchus, 2002). All of these analysis findings claim that George is likely to make an unethical decision and remove the filter systems.

In addition to age, an additional individual difference variable that could influence George's decision is usually gender. Gender is a significant factor in honest decision making (Glover et al., 2002; Ross & Robertson, 2003) and females are more likely to react ethically when ever faced with sketchy business procedures than men (Glover ainsi que al., 2002)....

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