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This kind of assessment may be worth 30 items. 1 . The Shine-Dalgarno sequence is a (1 point) a. b. prokaryotic mRNA collection that binds lF-3. prokaryotic mRNA series that binds the 16S rRNA of the small ribosomal subunit. prokaryotic mRNA pattern that binds the 16S rRNA in the large ribosomal subunit. eukaryotic rRNA sequence that binds the AUG codon of mRNA. non-e of the previously mentioned are correct.


deb. e.

2 . The initiation phase of prokaryotic translation ends as the GTP molecule bound to ___________ can be hydrolyzed to GDP and Pi. (1 point) a. b. c. d. at the. IF-1 IF-2 IF-3 IF-4 None with the above are correct.

several. During the elongation phase of prokaryotic translation the aminoacyl-tRNA must first bind __________ before it can be positioned in the A site. (1 point) a. b. EF-Ts EF-Tu

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c. d. e.


4. ________ is a great enzymatic activity that hydrolyzes the connect linking the completed polypeptide chain and the P site tRNA. (1 point) a. b. c. d. at the. RF-1 EF-G Peptidyl transferase Ribosomal esterase Signal peptidase

5. Dominant prokaryotic posttranslational modifications consist of all of the following except __________. (1 point) a. n. c. m. e. glycosylation methylation proteolytic processing prenylation phosphorylation

6. In prokaryotes most of the control over protein synthesis occurs at the level of ________. (1 point) a. m. c. g. translation transcription replication reverse transcription

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posttranslational modification

six. The enzymatic activities coded for by lac operon include each of the following other than ________. (1 point) a. b. c. d. e. thiogalactoside transacetylase lactose transferase b-Galactosidase galactose permease non-e of the above are correct.

8. Translocation in eukaryotes requires ________ which is a GTP-binding protein. (1 point) a. b. c. d. at the. eEF-1 eEF-2 eEF-3 eEF-4 None of the above are correct.

9. In eukaryotic translation the 40S complex binds the 60S subunit to form ________ initiation complicated. (1 point) a. w. c. m. e. 80S 88S 90S 1005 108S

10. ________ provides the energy needed to approach the ribosome along the mRNA. (1 point)

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a. b. c. d. electronic.

ATP GTP UTP TTP All of the over are right.

11. Polypeptides containing sign peptides are called ________. (1 point) a. b. c. d. at the. zymogens preproproteins proproteins Each of the above happen to be correct. None of the over are right.

12. Phosphorylated dolichol, a polyisoprenoid found in ER membrane, is associated with (1 point) a. n. c. m. e. polypeptide synthesis. proteolytic cleavage reactions. lipophillic changes reactions. hydroxylation reactions. glycosylation reactions.

13. All of the following are involved in signal peptide metabolic rate except (1 point) a. b. c. d. ribosomal polypeptide translocation. SRP receptor protein. docking protein. translocon.

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stop copy signal.

18. The expression " global control" refers to (1 point) a. n. c. g. e. large alterations in mRNA translation patterns. significant alterations in mRNA synthesis patterns. specific changes in rRNA synthesis. certain changes in mRNA synthesis. within transcript localization patterns.

15. Translational frameshifting (1 point) a. b. c. deb. e. results in the synthesis...


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