My Class Essay

My Classroom you

My Classroom


ECE 312

Crystal Daniels

Nov 28, 2011

My Classroom2

My Class

Classes besides the educators are the essential for children to get started on learning. The classroom is usually where the children are going to use part of all their day and it has to be secure and heating so they can think that if they are in the home and stay. Children have to see things that will manage to get thier attention and want to use the objects they observe in the classroom. As a teacher you have to see that you could have the correct equipment, furnishings, and materials you might use to support what you will teach the children. The class environment has to be calm and lovely for children to get along and be comfortable with everyone including the teacher. My classroom environment can be having space, space is excellent because this way children have their own place and are only a few bunched together, this may make them feel uncomfortable. I would have my own classroom very well decorated with materials we are going to use during the time school is usually running. Having decorations of numerous things will attract the attention from the children and definitely will open their particular curiosity of what it means which way can be how we may start the learning method. A classroom that seems warm and with take pleasure in is what helps a child have confidence in staying and try the euphoric pleasures that are not in the home. When arranging a room it must permit every children availability, the ability to enter in all parts of the environment including bathrooms and to access equipment and elements and

My Class 3

supply too, to be able to participate in every experiences ( Decker, C. A, Decker J. R, Freeman, D. K, Knopf, H. Big t., 2009). My own room to start with will have a map with the whole classroom showing what is where and to show the children and parents where exit is case of the emergency and where to go. My classroom intended for preschoolers...

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