Mythology gods vs . this human beings Article

п»їHumanlike Attributes

Although Gods and this human beings might be quite different, additionally, they share several similarities. Gods and individuals alike include certain attributes and individuality that make these people who they are. In Edith Hamilton's Mythology, many Gods and Goddesses tend to depict human being qualities such as jealousy, pleasure, and fraudulence.

The drawback of envy was one of many traits shared by mythological gods, goddesses, and human beings. For example , Hera constantly needs to " penalize the many girls Zeus became adoringly obsessed with” (Hamilton 27). Because the wife of Zeus, Hera witnessed her partner consistently having affairs to women. Possibly being the protector of married girls, Hera by no means forgot a face and children of mistresses were often affected when it came to punishments. Human beings, when they are jealous, apparently hold a grudge, as Hera will, which can have an effect on one's individuality tremendously. To illustrate, 3 goddesses – Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite – contested " what men take care of most”, that has been decided by the Judgment of Paris (258-259). Likewise, women of today become envious of other females' physical traits, leading them to question their own beauty. Not simply was Hera jealous of the mistresses of Zeus, although she switched against Echo, " who became an additional unhappy lady whom Hera punished” (114). Hera's envy led to assault, which is not constantly the best way to deal with a situation. When women obtain skeptical, they will take eager measures to get what they want to feel better about themselves. If women and early goddesses may learn to appreciate themselves, bitterness would not be such a significant issue.

There are times when pleasure can alter the result of a decision. For instance, following the Greeks fled victorious of the Trojan Warfare, " they will forgot that which was due to the gods; and on their very own voyage residence they were terribly punished” (291). Having too much confidence in themselves, the Greeks were not worried about what was needed to be done individuals. This...

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