Point of View:

The point of view of Ian Shelter, the child of Mrs. Castilla, will be taken in this kind of analysis seeing that he is designated by the manager to study the bakeshop's procedures for the Banana Breads Product lines. He is therefore presented the specialist to evaluate and propose possible alternatives to allow the store to cope program the expected demand in the Banana Bread product line.

Trouble Statement:

What operation strategies for the banana bread product line should certainly Ian suggest that will enable the bakeshop to meet the expected with regard to banana breads that will come in with the prepare of growth to 3 tourist destinations around Supresion?


The bakeshop is a family owned business and currently managed by Virginia Pahud-Castilla and Soledad Pahud. At first, the shop is without brand name, however , some opponents arrived for that reason they decided to name their store " THE ORIGINAL BUKO PIE” considering they are the leading.

Banana bread making at Orient began as a way to pass the time for one of the bakeshop owners, Mrs. Virginia Pahud-Castilla. Subsequently, the shop designed banana bread into its array of fresh homemade " pasalubong”

Banana bread accounts for 13% of the bakeshop's revenue. The current daily require is 85 boxes for small- 350gram. Recently, much larger sized clown breads will be added to the product line. The production of Banana loaf of bread has been transported from Virginia Pahud- Castilla to her little girl, daughter-in-law and niece. Banana bread continues to be considered as an outsourced item since Mrs. Castilla's daughter, daughter-in-law and niece have already been given a no cost hand and all production costs are shouldered by all of them. Banana bread products are just delivered to the bakeshop on a daily basis and Mrs. Castilla's daughter, daughter-in-law and niece happen to be paid C. O. G. (cash upon delivery). However , the current set up has been creating some worry among the members of the family since Mrs. Castilla's daughter, daughter-in-law and niece simply delivers around 60 loaves of tiny bread and 40 loaves of large. Moreover, some inconsistencies in the quality of the loaf of bread have been seen. The bakeshop plans to expand organization on 3 top holiday destinations around Laguna- Laiya, Tagaytay and Alaminos. Subsequently, expected demand for clown bread raises. The projected demand for little bread in Laiya is usually 80-100, pertaining to Alaminos, 250-350 breads and 300-350 pertaining to Tagaytay.. Ian lee is usually pondering if centralizing the production of banana bread by simply bringing it in return to the Orient bakeshop property and combining a JIT II approach to production is going to help the business in its expansion plan. Such an operations technique is being contemplated to cope with the expected require that will appear in with the plan.


The shop has numerous faithful customers.

The shop provides a wide variety of pastries products including Buco pie, banana bread, buko apple pie, cassava cake, espasol, pineapple quiche and uraro cookies There is certainly still an additional space with the food prep for the production of banana Cakes or other pastry products Ian, the child of the fresh manager, can be knowledgeable about functions management Some weakness

The production system of banana bread is bad since the quality has been inconsistent and quotas are not fulfilled Angst between family members will be is growing

Owners don't have any management backdrop. Prior to establishing the bakeshop, the owners were household helpers of expatriates or perhaps foreigners and the families in Los Banos.....


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