Nursing ratio Essay

п»їNurse to patient staffing requirements ratios

My spouse and i read an article published on the internet Journal of Issues in Nursing about staffing ratio's. The article remarked that the doctor to individual ratios will be high since the hospital won't get extra reimbursement depending on the individual aesthetics of the affected person. Since the hospitals already have to keep a arranged standard of nurses they have lowered the amount of unlicensed staff and house cleaning staff to offset the price (Welton, 2007). This practice doesn't fix the real concern that the percentages present including safety, it simply reduces the charge to the hospital while putting a greater work load on the nurse.

The content explained the nursing needs are even bigger because of the short hospital stays on. Since sufferers are being treated whilst acutely ill and then becoming discharged immediately, the registered nurse is caring for sicker sufferers with a faster turn over than in the past. The article recommended passing guidelines to provide medical intensity billing (Welton, 2007). This type of billing would put an end to the " room and board” billing that includes many techniques from electricity and personal care items to nursing under one impose.

We honestly can't believe that nursing staff are lumped into the same charge since shampoo. If we had payment codes determined by the type of care our people required we would be seen being a source of income rather than a price to the hospital. This would indicate greater autonomy and better working circumstances for nurses and greater quality of care towards the patients! Reference

Welton, J. (2007). Mandatory hospital nurse to affected person staffing ratios: Time to have a different approach. The Online Log of Issues in Nursing jobs, 12-2007(3), Gathered from


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