Performance Review of the Ruben Proulx Trio Essay

Jeffery M. Wright

Humanities 523

Mentor Caldwell

28 November june 2006

Performance Review of

The David Proulx Terno at LACMA

By Jeffery L. Wright

The David Proulx Trio performed about Friday, The fall of 25, 2006 at The La County Museum of Artwork (LACMA). Musically speaking, Steve Proulx sticks out as one of the many consistent and significant specialist in jazz today. Leading a tight, well-rehearsed trio through a mix of originals and famous pieces via modern Jazz repertoire, pianist/vocalist/composer John Proulx revealed yet again why he's one of Mis Angeles' leading artist. Proulx's contributions to jazz are widely known in Los Angeles and he has changed into a sought after writer amongst his peers. He's slowly developing a world-class popularity in the punk genre as one of the most prolific pianist. The piano is one of the most well-liked musical devices. Composers coming from Sebastian Bach to Ludwig Van Mozart and many more possess played this wooden container of strings with grayscale ivory secrets. In the brighten genre only, pianists vary wildly from Thelonious Monk's, Preferred Things to Skill Tatum. If you believe you've heard just about everything you can do with a keyboard, hold on to that thought and meet John Proulx great trio. Strong communication is definitely not uncommon intended for Proulx. This individual leads the trio with Gary Foster (saxophone), Chuck Berghofer (bass) and Harry Pleasant (drums). During the overall performance at LACMA, Proulx explained " together with his trio В… it's among the freest situations he's ever before played. " John Proulx began his formal musical technology education when justin was four in Grand Rapids, Mich. He originally began by taking violin lessons, yet quickly switched to piano lessons and has pursued the keyboard ever since. His grandfather was obviously a jazz guitar player and launched him to jazz. John completed his secondary research at Roosevelt University Chicago, il School of Performing Arts. In 2001, Steve moved to Oregon and has since be a young, appearing...


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